Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Word Pictures


Fun things about today's outfit:
1. Black Hight/Low Shirt - Thrifted for $3
2. White & Gold Stripe Bracelets - Thrifted for $2
3. Thick Gold & Bronze Bracelet - Gift from a friend (AKA free)

Anyone who's spent time in deep conversation with me has discovered
that I love word pictures. I supposes the word is "analogy" but I like calling 
them word pictures. I'm a visual learner so if I can imagine a scenario to 
compare something to I'm much more likely to understand it. If someone says:
"Nails on a chalkboard" ANNOYING.
"That person is my rock." STRONG.
"Fish out of water." AWKWARD.
Get it? I want a comparison to understand situations or a persons character. 
I think that is why I love Psalms & Proverbs so much. There is so much going on 
in there to get my imagination kicked into high gear. (you imagined gears 
on a machine going faster didn't you...didn't you. Word Picture people!)
When God is described as a rock and a fortress, and my times are in His hands. 
When I read that even the heavens declare his glory, I know He is big. Huge in fact. 
I love that He's immeasurable. It gives me reason to seek Him. It means I will 
always be learning more about His incredible traits.

Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the earth shows His handiwork.

Images by Worlds Apart Photography

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