I cannot express the importance of what I believe in words. I could try to write what 
my heart wants to express but ultimately I will not be able to fully capture the 
extravagant joy in my soul simply in a few words. But... for the sake of conveying 
to you what I believe to be true, I will try to use words. 

I am deeply in love with Jesus! I'm not saying this for purpose of fitting in to a certain 
circle of friends or because it's culturally normal to say that sort of thing, because 
1) I did not run in circles of Jesus lovers before I began to believe and 2) I live near 
Portland, OR where it isn't a cultural norm, at all, to love Jesus. 
I say I am deeply in love because He has captivated my heart with His deep love. 
He has saved my soul. He has redeemed my wreckage and made me whole. 
He is a light in an otherwise dark world. 

I fully believe that the Bible is God inspired and not a mish-mosh of man made tales. 

I know that it contains eye witness accounts of my Saviors time on earth, and I take 
these to heart. They encourage me. I love that God used average if not below average 
people to accomplish His work in the world. How wonderful, because I am just a person. 
There is no wonder or sparkle to me when I try to make my own way. But when Jesus 
became my guide, my light, my source of joy and peace, a freshness came over my life. Purpose. Direction. Design.

I don't want to live how I used to live. It was dark and it was empty. 

I aim to live for Jesus, shining as brightly as I can each new day He gives me.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; 
old things have passed away; 
behold, all things have become new.

Not sure if I mentioned this... I love clouds. This is such an incredible show of God's beauty and design!

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  1. I love it Naomi! You are very creative and a great model. Pictures by Hannah and easy to follow instructions....terrifc!


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