Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chase Me Again: A Unique Thrift Shop for You {Three}

The fun things about this outfit:
Skirt - Thrifted, Sweater & Bracelets & Earrings - Chase Me Again, Shoes - Ross

I just want to make a disclaimer before you read on...
I edited these photos. 
So don't be hatin' on the photographer, she did her best in an indoor, no natural light
dressing room and sent me the photos to edit. Yep, Worlds Apart Photography still rocks...
in case you were worried.

Now to talk about Chase Me Again! But I will keep talking about their fitting room.
It's so adorable. They've taken old pattern paper and used it as wall paper. I love it!
It doesn't feel like a thrift store fitting room at all! It's clean and cute!

After I asked how the store started, I asked Sue, owner of Chase Me Again, 
where all the proceeds go if so many of the worker bee ladies are volunteers.
Check out what she said (you're about to love the store even more!):

My Father's House, the homeless family shelter, gets a check from us every month 
that is based on our sales. Plus the shelter also sends over their residents (up to 30
 families) to get to shop in our clothing store free of charge once a month. We even 
have a volunteer that will drive a van to bring them over if they don't have their 
own transportation. The residents are in the shelter's program for an average of 
3 months. Once they have jobs and housing they love to shop in our home store free 
of charge to help supply their new homes.

We also have helped the Warming Shelter for Human Solutions. The homeless 
families check into that shelter at 7 at night and then have to leave by 7 in the morning.
 They sleep on cots, and bedding can be provided if available. When the family 
finally finds housing they are allowed to take bedding with them. We went into 
their facility and donated 9 metal shelf units into a storage room and organized 
them with emergency clothing and bedding. We take them all of our bedding that 
is donated plus have provided some meals and toiletries. 

We have two volunteers that work for local hospice groups. We had a fashion show that benefited the two hospice groups. They received all of the money from the event and also all of our love and support for the families that are traveling through such an emotionally charged journey. When we receive bright and happy lap quilts we send them to one of the hospice groups that love to take them to the patients.

We have also given money to Meals-on-Wheels and a children's home in Thailand. 
The animal shelter gets our older towels.

After our three year anniversary we are proudly able to say that we have given away over $43,000 in profit. Plus the general public gets to shop at a really fun store.

I told you! Don't you just love Chase Me Again even more after reading that!
Don't forget to go visit them. Find more info on their SITE.

Romans 5:20-21
Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace 
abounded all the more, so that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might reign 
through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.


  1. that sounds like an amazing organization! I love visiting thrift stores that give back like that <3

    1. I know! This is exactly why I wanted to feature them!

  2. Awesome! I hope someday I can make that much of a difference in the world :)

    1. That would be so great! Good point. It's pretty inspiring!


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