Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Sister Swap


Saturday the Second! I'm glad to be back for our second Sister Swap. Today, I'm gonna talk about sewing. Naomi is a fantastic refashionista (I'm sure you've noticed by now). But in case you're new  to the wonderful world of sewing, I'm gonna share a few starter tips.With the kind of sewing you may want to do for refashioning, I highly suggest a machine. Hand sewing is time consuming, frustrating, and not nearly as durable. Although, I will admit it worked for people at some point since clothing's been around longer than sewing machines.
Tip 1: Naomi's mentioned this, but if you're taking in a shirt or pants, turn them inside out first. This allows you to mark or pin on the wrong (since it's not showing) side of the fabric. 
With the item being inside out, you can put it on, mark/pin, and easily slip it back off.
Tip 2: For most clothing, use a 1/4-1/3 inch seam allowance. Sewing on the edge of the fabric can lead to stitches coming undone or fabric unraveling and the item coming apart (and I know no one's looking for a wardrobe malfunction!). Most machines will have a built-in/pre-marked guide.

Tip 3: After sewing, try the garment back on. 
Make sure it fits like you want and you don't need to take it out and try again.
If you cut the fabric off before trying it on and then realize it doesn't look/fit/work like 
you wanted it to-and you cut the excess off-you're screwed. Just saying-I've done it.
Tip 5: Cut the excess fabric off. Now if you've completed Tip 3, and it's exactly 
how you want it-cut it off! Remember Tip 2 though, and leave some room so 
your seams don't come out.
Tip 6: Have fun! The best part of thrifting and refashioning is creating a piece 
of clothing that's uniquely yours. No one else will have that exact item.
This is my puppy, she wanted to assist me today-wouldn't take no for an answer 
as you can see. Hope these are helpful! If you have questions you can email me 
( link it to my name) or Naomi. 
So what fantastic find are you going to refashion now that you have all the tips you need?!

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