Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Post: Jessica {Jeans and a Teacup}

Hi Patterned Love readers! I'm Jessica and my sister Megan and I blog over at Jeans and a Teacup. Naomi has kindly let us take over today while she is away...Mwahaha!   Ok, I promise nothing crazy, just a normal outfit post from me and some words from my sister!

Top: Foreign Exchange (similar), Tank: Marshalls (similar), Shorts: J.Crew Factory, Shoes: ShoeMint (similar), Purse: Thrifted, Necklace: J.Crew Factory (similar), Bracelet: Jeweliq, Lips: Sephora Love Test, Sunglasses: c/o Firmoo
This is typically what you'll find me wearing on a hot summer day - shorts and a tank top.  Sometimes I get frustrated in the summer since I can't add interest to my outfit by layering a lot of things.  So I added a breezy crochet top for some texture and tried to play with color for some interest.  And I added a bright lip color for some extra fun! 

While I mainly post about silly things, like what I'm wearing that day, Megan brings a more reflective aspect to our blog and I'll let her take over now!
Our cousin Cassie and Megan in Korea
Hi! I'm Megan - the other half of Jeans and a Teacup!
I recently went on vacation in South Korea. I had a great time with my cousin, who teaches English there, and loved observing Korean culture with her. We’re both obsessed with it for unknown reasons. 

The shocker to it all is this: I didn’t come back any cooler.

 I know, I was surprised too (just kidding—I wasn’t). I’ve noticed that people are impressed with my visit to Korea as if it was an accomplishment or makes me more interesting. That baffles me because all you need to be a world traveler is money and time, and neither thing inherently makes you awesome (as a disclaimer, I didn’t even have the money – my cousin generously paid for my flight). 

 What I’ve found is that experiences only change us if we’re in awe of our surroundings and hope and expect to grow from them. Through that, God opens mysteries to us and exposes the hidden places in our own hearts. But if we passively pass through our environment, assuming we have everything we need, we’ll stay the same, no matter what foreign land we step into. 

I do think visiting another country can change you. But so can visiting your next-door neighbor. I spontaneously stopped by my neighbor’s house a while back and found her crying on her kitchen floor while eating frozen pizza and blasting pop music. The next three hours were pretty amazing. I heard her life story, plus looked at my own life story a little differently after seeing it from her view. That night taught me more than many of the days I’ve spent overseas.

 I hope you get to travel if you haven’t already, but I also hope you walk around your neighborhood and linger at the counter of your favorite local coffee shop. I already think you’re awesome, but you might find some more awesome things just around the corner.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That crochet is just so perfectly delicate and beautiful; love it over the tank! I'd be terrified of even the most delicate hand-washing hurting it, though.

    Megan: I think there is something to be said for travel helping you effect change in your life, but I think 'travel' can be local. I know the smallest and most inconsequential (in a good, I need-to-do-something-with-this kind of way) I've ever felt was only about ten minutes from my childhood home, standing in one of my Dad's empty cornfields in January back when I lived in IL, feeling like the sky would just crash down on me.

    I suppose it's more about doing something 'new', the act of experiencing outside your everyday, less than it is being in any particular place. The more we force ourselves to see and do and learn new things, the more we grow. Although I would definitely love to see South Korea.

  2. I really love these brights together - and the lace is super pretty!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Great summer outfit! Perfect colors mix!
    I’m following you on Bloglovin!


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