Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest Post: Caroline {Love Caroline}

Hey girls, I am so excited to fill in for Naomi while she's gone!

My name is Caroline! I'm a lover of everything fashion and DIY and any good recipes. I blog over at the Love Caroline Blog. I blog about recipes, some of my favorite outfits, and some of my new favorite DIYs. I'm a follower of Christ and saved by his grace alone and I am constantly seeking to glorify him in all I do.

Top: Vender in NYC
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Cato
Shoulder bag: Vera Bradley
Hat: Target

I've been a real beach bum lately. I went to New York and went to the beach and then I've went to relax in Galveston, Texas at the beach. I can tell you that my fedora has been getting its full use at all the beaches and lakes that I've been to this summer. 

This is one of my favorite beach bum outfits that I wore to the fourth of July while I was in Galveston. I spent my fourth of July chilling at the Rainforest Cafe, watching fire works with my family and this was the perfect outfit for all my activities for the day. It was literally a 100 degrees in Texas and it was an easy decisions to wear shorts and a light weight top for the day. I just got the NYC shirt from my trip to New York and since it sported red and white, I thought it was the perfect time to wear it. 

Thanks again for having me over Naomi! I would love for any of y'all to check out my blog, the Love Caroline Blog

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