Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guest Post: Kala {My Breezy Room}

Today I have a real treat for you all!
My friend Kala from My Breezy Room is here to introduce answer a few questions!
I'm over on her turf today introducing myself on her stomping grounds of the interweb.
This girl is seriously talented at the DIY: furniture addition! I mean, come on people. 
Who doesn't love a good find, refinished? But I wont babble to much. 
I'll let Kala take it away now.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I honestly look back and think about this all the time and I'm not sure what I thought I was getting into. I definitely knew nothing about the parallel blog world that exists. I think it was mostly a combination of two things. First, I was working my first job out of college and it was an administrative position. I was worried that wouldn't provide me with enough experience to get a job using my degree. I realized I hadn't taken enough computer classes in college and needed to acquire some skills on my own, and a blog sounded like a good idea. 

Secondly, I was also obsessed with this "breezy" look I speak of all the time and was excited to start decorating my room in that style. I had only read one blog before, The Inspired Room, and I laugh now thinking that decorating my room alone was going to be enough to keep a blog going. Anyways, with my desire to learn more about building a website and my desire to decorate my room, my DIY/home decor blog was born. 

Oh and about six months after starting my blog, the experience I gained allowed me to move up to a position in the communications department. 

This is my first header that I made myself. *Cringe*:

2. Dream Job. Why?

My dream dream job would be to be a stay at home blogger and to continue selling furniture on the side. Maybe even eventually opening my own little shop. I feel like I would be so free. I'm not naive in thinking that I would work less, just that my time would be my own. If I chose to do something different with my day, I might be up all night painting furniture, but at least that would be my decision. 

My 8-5 dream job would be to work as an event planner for a nonprofit. I'm fairly close to that now, but my organization does not raise money through events like golf tournaments and galas, which is what I would love to do. I just like working toward an event that makes such a significant difference for an organization and ultimately the people's lives who benefit from it. I interned at a hospital in college and loved it. 

This is me at the Gala I helped with:

3. Where did your love of furniture refashioning come from?

My mom had heard about chalk paint and wanted to try it out. We signed up for a class last winter and I just kept using it. Before then I didn't plan on repurposing furniture as a hobby or a way of decorating. But it ended up being more affordable for me and when I ran out of things to blog about about my room, furniture makeovers took over. I'd never really had an official hobby or felt creative before that, so it just kind of developed over time. 

This is the side table my mom and I painted using chalk paint for the first time: 

4. What is one thing most people learn about you right away?

That I talk ALOT. My boyfriend is still amazed that I can talk to him, but really be having a conversation with myself. If he doesn't answer fast enough or add something valuable to the conversation, I'll just bounce around from topic to topic while he stares at me like I'm crazy. Add a couple drinks to that and it's embarrassing. While I'm talking, I think it is apparent right away that I am opinionated, determined and independent. Some people hate it, some admire it. But it's just who I am. 

5. How do you fit your projects into everyday life business?

I'm struggling with this right now. My plan is to start working out in the morning again. When I do that, I feel like I've accomplished something early and want to continue being productive throughout the day and after work. When I wait until after work to work out, then I feel like I only have time to cook dinner and work out, then it's time for bed. Kind of silly, but that's what works for me. 

Also, sometimes you just have to turn down plans. Since I have a shabby chic booth, I have to treat it like a business and sometimes I just have to miss out on stuff. I also write down everything I want to accomplish each day in my planner to hold me accountable. 

Head on over to My Breezy Room and show Kala some love!

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