Friday, October 11, 2013

Guest Post: Kala #2 {My Breezy Room}

I'm still galavanting across the pond, so Kala is here to share a few lovelies.
Hi guys! Have I been here often enough that these introductions are getting awkward? Well I'm Kala and I blog at My Breezy Room. I dabble a bit in exploring the decorating world while running a (very small) side "business" where I sell painted furniture. I think some people have a hard time picturing how to incorporate painted furniture into their homes. Today I'm going to keep it short and sweet with a couple examples of how I use painted furniture in my own home. Living in a one bedroom apartment, I promise you this wont take long! My bedroom is by far my favorite room (of the 3 that I have {bedroom, living room, and kitchen}: Bedroom Furniture 
 I used Annie Sloan Paris Grey and Old White to paint this set. Chest of Drawers    Dresser
The color varies depending on the light - from gray to purplish to bluish. Love it.
Wall decor above headboard
The door I use as a headboard is from the old farmhouse my parents remodeled. It is probably my very favorite part of it all.
Then I have this dresser turned TV stand in my living room. I really do love it, although I've thought about painting it more of a turquoise or teal color.
Refurbished Dresser
I'd love to show you the rest of my living room so you can see how it fits in, but currently I'm trying to find a good end table color. So at the moment I have no less than 3 side tables that are painted different colors. Green, gray and yellow if you must know. That is an example of painted furniture you should not have sitting all in one room, even if you are just "testing" out colors.
Do you have any painted furniture in your house? If so, how do you balance it with unpainted furniture?
I hope you're enjoying your time away, Naomi. Thanks for having me!

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